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Bringing the Art of Performing to Sales & Service

What do jugglers, knife throwers, magicians and yo-yo players have in common with your business?

Just about everything! Learn how some of the top street and stage performers draw a crowd, engage their audience, and turn their customers into raving fans. Learn how you can take your business to the next level by using the same principles that some of the best performers in the world use.


"Being in a room with Mick Lunzer will give you first-hand exposure to someone born with 'Natural Energy'.  


Growing up, Mick was the kid who asked too many questions and was never pacified with blanket answers.  


Learning to push the limits has allowed Mick to transform business speaking into an engaging and playful opportunity to


learn about yourself, facilitating professional and personal growth by challenging what you think you know."


High Performance Service


  • The tricks of the trade from the worlds top street and stage performers.

  • The importance of being "on stage" in your workplace.

  • New ways of engaging your customers.

  • How mistakes can be a gateway to better relationships.

  • How to discover what works and how to repeat it.



Sell it Like a Street Performer

The best street performers know how to sell. They sell their act, their ideas, and their art. They draw a crowd, then bring them closer. They demonstrate their art and ask us to play along. At the end of the show they ask for money, and it is given to them gladly.



  • How the top acts structure their shows for  big hats (maximum sales).

  • How you can apply their techniques to what you do everyday.

  • How to "draw a crowd" and bring your customers to you.

  • How to sell from a place of enthusiasm and natural energy.

  • When to go "off script" and how to sell with out one.

  • To get comfortable asking for or "closing" the sale.



“I love to use juggling as a way to connect with people.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to bring what we love

and how it makes us feel – into our work?

That’s what I want to share with people.”

-Mick Lunzer


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