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Mick has spoken to hundreds of companies across the United States, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and England. In addition, he has addressed audiences at the Universities of Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota, as well as Penn State and West Point. His reputation has earned him invitations to speak to various government agencies, including the Social Security Administration, the United States Navy, and the National Reconnaissance Organization.


A testimonial from the General Manager of Xperience Fitness, Woodbury, Mn.


“Mick uses connections between the things we experience in the world around us and the dreams that we have for the future, to guide us towards our own Natural Energy. He demonstrates these things through world class juggling and exceptional yo-yo play.”


“As a speaker, Mick's comedic flair and ability to fully engage even the most difficult audiences, allow him to comfortably communicate with individuals across a broad professional spectrum. His one-of-a-kind insights and irresistible personality fill any room with energy and create a refreshing presentation style. Realize greater possibilities with Mick Lunzer, and learn how fusing your unique talents into exceptional skills can change the world around you.”
“Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to bring what we love – and how it makes up feel – into our work and everything we do?”  That is what Mick Lunzer brings to each presentation, to fully engage even the most difficult crowds.   His personality lights up the room with possibility and a “can do” attitude.
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