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Mick Lunzer brings an incredible amount of experience to the stage having worked as a performer and keynote speaker for two decades. Mick has spoken to hundreds of companies across the United States, Canada, Scotland, Ireland and England. Mick is a world champion juggler. He is part of The Danger Committee, a comedy, juggling, knife throwing trio. Mick uses performing as a metaphor to demonstrate the principles and ideas that can have a profound and lasting impact on your organization.



Mick has made quite a name for himself in the world of juggling, having won or placed in international competition fifteen times. He has won World Championships in Team Juggling, Combat Juggling, and the World Diabolo Open, and is currently the reigning Canadian Juggling Champion. In addition, Mick is a world class Yo-Yo player, having developed the legendary trick Buddha’s Revenge, which is now compulsory in international competition. Mick is also the developer of the Master of Yo-Yo program, a comprehensive training and rating system for both competitive and casual Yo-Yo enthusiasts around the world.



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